When right clicking on "Security" folder in the Object Explorer in SSMS you have the option to select new login.

The result of clicking that option opens a query page instead of the new login UI window as shown below.

Any idea on how to get the new login / permission window to open in SSMS 18.2?

I also do not see the option to view server properties either when right clicking the database in the Object Explorer.

I am using the Azure SQL Server.

  • Firstly, SSMS 18.2 came out in July 2019; you should really update (we're on 18.12 now). Next, if you're using an Azure SQL Database, these work different. If you create a LOGIN, you likely don't have permissions. Though Azure SQL Databases use contained databases, so likely what you should be creating is a USER in the database you need to grant someone access to; they do not require a LOGIN.
    – Larnu
    18 hours ago

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Currently SSMS does not fully support Azure SQL Databases same as SQL Server instances. Things like creating logins and users should be done using T-SQL. You have to connect to the master database on Azure SQL logical server to create logins using T-SQL, then you need to need to create users based on logins on each user data database using T-SQL also.

-- Run connected to master database CREATE LOGIN JohnDoe WITH PASSWORD ='hTknnsd' -- Run connected to the user database CREATE USER JohnDoe FROM LOGIN rafael; ALTER ROLE dbmanager ADD MEMBER JohnDoe ; 

Please read this other thread I participated about similar user experience with SSMS and Azure SQL.


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