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Connect Stack Overflow for Teams with the tools your team already uses.

Knowledge base integrations

Your org relies on many different apps. Streamline existing workstreams with our out-of-the-box integrations and API which surface, connect, and notify you of helpful knowledge to get the job done.

Unlock additional context

Minimize context switching for your technical employees with our Jira and GitHub integrations. Solve tickets faster and overcome challenges with a direct link to similar questions and answers.

Plug in without tuning out

Our integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams allows team members to ask questions and search for information within the tool that they use the most for synchronous communication.

Available integrations

Available integrations

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Give your team the ultimate knowledge-sharing experience.

Post questions and get answers, right from Slack
Get instant notifications
Search Stack Overflow for Teams from Slack
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Free Basic Business Enterprise

Microsoft Teams

A native Stack Overflow for Teams experience with Microsoft Teams

Ask questions and get answers, right from Microsoft Teams
Stop searching past conversations. Capture solutions for future reuse
Automatic alerts of new and updated knowledge
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Surface the right information at the right time without leaving Jira.

Quickly access helpful answers from within Jira
Embed links to Jira tickets in Stack Overflow
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Add context to your code with our GitHub integration.

Find answers to questions on specific PRs, Gists and Commits
Share key learnings with reference to specific code and projects in GitHub
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Create an easy and secure login experience, every time.

Centralized provisioning
Okta Verify OTP
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Something else?

Power even more integrations with our flexible API.

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