How do I delete my account?

User deletion is irreversible! By sending this request, your votes will be revoked, and all of your content will be made anonymous.

To delete your profile on Stack Overflow, navigate to your user profile, then click the Settings link at the top of your profile page:

Then, in the the column below that on the left side of the page, click the Delete profile link:

Read through the information on that page. Once you've done so, click the checkbox below it to confirm that you understand the implications of deleting your profile and wish to proceed. Then, click the Delete profile button below that. Once you do so:

  • If you have never made any posts from this profile and you have 101 or less reputation, it will be immediately deleted.
  • Otherwise, your profile will be scheduled for deletion in 24 hours. During that time, you can cancel the deletion request by visiting your profile and clicking the cancel link in the banner at the top. Otherwise, it will be deleted after 24 hours.